Investment is a very tricky subject owing to various instruments available in the market today. You could either invest in shares or go for mutual funds investment, it is totally your call. However, we would be a little biased and tell you that as a beginner, who is looking out for a stable option to invest their hard earned money in, mutual funds investment would be a better and definitely a safer choice. Mutual Funds sahi hai!  

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Gold Mutual funds: 5 reasons why you should invest in them

5 Reasons why you should invest in Gold Mutual Funds Today

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Finance Minister Press Conference: Updates & Implications

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Coronavirus India Guide

Coronavirus in India live updates: 5 tips to survive the coronavirus (COVID-19) guide

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Investing in the times of Coronavirus: What should I do with my investments today?

Investing in the times of Coronavirus: What should I do with my investments today?

Global markets have been in a whirlpool for the past few days. On 27th February, the US market Dow Jones, saw a...

Check your financial literacy score- Take the quiz now!

According to 2015 report by S&P Financial Services LLC, 80% of women in India are financially illiterate. In fact, most women have a very low financial...
TIp to Save Money In College- Indian Students

Save Money In College with Sqrrl App Easily

Most college students shy away from the thought of saving money. Infact, 60% of college students get into the habit of borrowing money from...
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Improve Credit Score Easily – 4 Easy Steps

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Credit Score in India: How Relevant Is It?

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Complete guide to Section 80TTA deductions

In this article: What is Section 80TTA? What is the maximum amount of deduction allowed? Who can avail the deduction? Are NRIs eligible for this deduction? List...

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