Investment is a very tricky subject owing to various instruments available in the market today. You could either invest in shares or go for mutual funds investment, it is totally your call. However, we would be a little biased and tell you that as a beginner, who is looking out for a stable option to invest their hard earned money in, mutual funds investment would be a better and definitely a safer choice. Mutual Funds sahi hai!  

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What are Gold Mutual Funds_ Best Perfoming Gold Funds 2020

Why should you invest Gold Mutual Funds? Best Performing Gold Funds 2020

Gold - One word and you start imagining an asset that is unique, reliable and precious! Gold is one of the few...
10 Best Equity Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020

10 Best Equity Mutual Funds to Invest in 2020

Equity, as the name suggests, is a category where the fund invests in equity and equity related instruments across market capitalization and typically adopts...
6 Key Takeaways from COVID Economic Relief Package by the Government"

6 Key Takeaways from Covid Economic Relief Package by the Government

Last night when PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation, he announced a COVID special economic relief package of Rs. 20 lakh crores....

What are Liquid Funds? 7 Best Liquid Funds to Invest in 2020

Liquid funds are mutual funds that invest their corpus in monetary instruments like fixed deposits, Treasury Bills, Bill Re-discounting, cash equivalent and different debt...
Why should you invest in Healthcare funds during COVID?

Why should you invest in Healthcare funds during COVID?

What’s the one sector that has remained unfazed even after the COVID crisis? It’s the healthcare sector. As the pandemic continues affecting millions...
This mother's day give her the gift she will remember forever

On this Mother’s Day, give your Mother a Gift she will Remember Forever

Do you go to a job?OrDo you run a business of your own? It’s immaterial if you are self employed or working for...
Sqrrl online personal loan app

Sqrrl Online Personal Loan App – For all your needs that can’t wait!

Cash crunch is a common phenomenon. It’s no secret that life is tricky. There will be times in your life when an...
How does Sqrrl select the Best SIP Recommendations for you?

How does Sqrrl select the Best SIP recommendations for you?

One of the primary principles of our team is to be guided by YOU and YOUR NEEDS. Everything should be the way...
NFO: Complete Guide to Investing in an NFO

NFO: Sqrrl’s Complete Guide to NFO Investments

Image Credits NFO or New Fund Offerings have created a lot of buzz in the markets over the last few years. One after the other,...

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