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Sqrrl is a platform aimed at helping young Indians save their earnings while keeping things simple. With Sqrrl, it's not about putting away large chunks of your salary, but rather small sums with just a couple of clicks! Everyone hates to see their hard-earned money go into taxes. Along with helping you save, Sqrrl also loves to make income tax savings simple and effortless for you. All this with the aim to help young Indians financially prosper!

Our Aim

Technology is being used for the greater good today, even in our personal lives. It is our attempt to stay at the forefront of this new wave of technology by combining a great user experience with something substantial– helping millions of young Indians save some money.

Our Mission

Help 3 million young Indians achieve our vision by 2021. To help them save, invest and prosper!

Our Guiding Principles

We don't believe in making tall promises, but we're all about keeping the ones we do make:

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