A buddy you can count on to help you save and grow your money, effortlessly!

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What it offers


Sqrrl Away

With everyone pushing you to Spend, it’s tough saving. We get it! Sqrrl Away makes every day saving easy and dare we say, kinda fun!



Bring your own dreams: We’re hell bent on turning your dream into a reality be it a gift for bae or a trip to Europe. BYOD helps you plan ahead, start small & spread some Facebook and Instagram envy later!


Axe Tax

Working very hard, but losing hard earned money to taxes? Find tax saving boring & tedious? Axe your tax, and thank us after!

Sqrrl Away

Set up to Sqrrl small sums of money automatically from your bank account. What you keep aside will grow at 6-7%, instead of the regular 3.5% in a savings account. The best part? The dosh remains there for you to dip into anytime.


Small is Beautiful

Sqrrl Away as little as Rs. 100 a week, and watch it grow over time.


More is Better

Earn 6-7% vs. your usual 3.5% bank savings rate. This leaves you with more to spend later!


Any Time Money

Anytime and unlimited free withdrawals from your Sqrrl account.


Bring Your Own Dreams

This is your chance to check things off that bucket list you’ve been carrying around! Whether it's the next flagship phone, a Europe trip, a luxury sedan or seed money for a startup — Sqrrl helps you reach your dream plans faster, with smart and automated investments.


Trouble Free Setup

Dream it, set target, confirm monthly contribution, and you are good to go.


Top Up Anytime

Skipped a payment? Catch up by making ad-hoc transfers any time.


Slicker Quicker

Grow your money faster than your typical bank; get to your dream quicker!

Axe Tax

Tax saved is money earned! Sqrrl helps you plan your tax savings in a very simple and convenient way. Invest in the most rewarding tax-saving plans, effortlessly!


High Returns

We pick the most optimal funds for you to get the best returns with a minimum lock in.



Invest large or small amounts over several months to hit your target. It’s all about what’s most convenient for you.


Hassle Free

We deliver all investment statements required for tax filings right into your inbox.


  • Sandeep Gupta

    Loved Sqrrl Away and its features, everyone needs to use this and connect their bank account to this. Simplest and best I found in investing world.

    Sandeep Gupta

    Banking and Financial Services Analytics at Exlservice
  • Shivani Sharma

    Money is very important aspect and understanding it in a simple way is even more important. Sqrrl has made this very convenient for me. Sqrrl Away makes lazy money earn more and is available with a tap. Planning to use BYOD soon.

    Shivani Sharma

    Senior Manager at IBM
  • Saurabh Sangwan

    This is what every young Indian needs. Making money simple and easy to understand delivered on your mobile.

    Saurabh Sangwan

    Senior Developer at Overcart
  • Palash Tatte

    Sqrrl has found the most accurate problem to solve. It is saving people from the hassles of managing their tax deductions with its awesome UI. Sqrrl today to plan the savings for your Ladakh trip, because yes, you can do better using Sqrrl and its products.

    Palash Tatte

    Business Analytics Student at IIM Calcutta
  • Krishna Gopalaraman

    This App takes simplicity of investing to a next level. The layout and design are awesome. Usage and speed of investing will make this a virtual ATM thru “Sqrrl Away”.

    Krishna Gopalaraman

    Co-founder & Product Architect at Double Infinity Inc.
  • Mayank Sinha

    A very intuitive interface which can help align your short and long term goals and lifestyle needs with your saving pattern and financial objectives.

    Mayank Sinha

    Head of Global In-licensing and Partnerships at Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.

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