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All Great Ventures Start Small

Save Regularly. SIP is Powerful

Automatic Investing

Automate your investments for every month.

You’re in Charge

Pause/Stop your SIP whenever you want.

Easy Setup

Simple, flexible setup to create long term wealth.

Why Choose a Systematic Investment Plan?

Invest small amounts instead of a lump sum. Start with Rs.500.

No need to stress about the perfect market timing with this disciplined investing technique.

Power of compounding ensures long term benefits.

Both Qualitative And Quantitative Factors Are Used To Pick The Most Suitable Mutual Funds For You


Qualitatively, we check the fund house background, portfolio manager’s performance, investment process.


Quantitatively, we check consistency in track records, rolling returns, volatility, and other ratios.



And Counting


5 Lacs+


We talk in






Happy users - better with sqrrl

Our happy users stories - simplify your finances. Learn how Sqrrl makes it easy for your finances.

Nice application for people who are seeking for mutual funds with great performance. Keep it up👍

~ Kiran Pachghare

This app has been very well designed and lets one shortlist and select the mutual funds one wants to invest in depending on the requirements and goals.

~ Abhinav Kumar

Initially I had some trouble, but the backend team fixed it right away...Best call and chat support a very decent app...5 stars!

~ Reeyaz razak

Frequently asked questions

How does an SIP work?


An SIP is a tool to invest small amounts of money over regular intervals into mutual funds. Through SIP, you can build a huge sum at the end of a long period of time (10-20 years). This is one of the benefits of the power of compounding.

How is SIP interest calculated?


Every month when you make an investment, SIP units are allotted based on the NAV of the mutual fund scheme. This way you get more units when the market prices are low and a higher number of units when the prices are high. The final SIP amount is calculated based on the savings amount you want, and the time. It is also affected by the frequency of investment and the estimated return rates.

Is SIP safe?


An SIP is one of the best and the safest methods to invest. The SIP full form is Systematic Investment Planning. One of the reasons why it is an incredibly safe way of investing is that you are allowed to invest small sums regularly instead of a huge sum in one go.

You remain safe from market volatility as when the market is low you end up buying more units while when the markets are high you get less units. The unit buying during the entire market cycle remains balanced. You also get the benefit of rupee cost averaging through it.

Which is best SIP or PPF?


SIP and PPF are both great tools to build long term wealth. However, in the case of PPF the mandatory lock-in period is 15 years. Historical data shows that, if you invest in both then after 15 years the returns received on an SIP is at least 1.5 times higher than those on PPF. In terms of tax benefits, both PPF and ELSS mutual funds are eligible for tax benefits under section 80C.