Made a Purchase? Great! Use Sqrrl Away To Save Spare Change

Join over 3,00,000 Indians to save and invest with Sqrrl

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Save And Invest The Rounded Off Amount Daily

Withdraw Anytime You Want

Start Small

Start with Rs.100 and then, invest as less as you want.

Rounding Off

Spare change is rounded off to the next hundred and saved daily (only android).

Automatic Investing

Automate your spare change investment through the Android app.

Why Choose Sqrrl Away?

Save automatically as you spend online daily for Android users. Save as less as Re. 1.

Earn twice the returns by investing as compared to a savings account.

Invest everyday in liquid funds which are the safest category of mutual funds.

All-Round Research & Analysis To Suggest You The Most Suitable Mutual Funds


Liquid funds are picked to invest your money as they invest in high quality safe papers.


Instant redemption facility is available where upto 90% of the amount can be withdrawn anytime.



And Counting


5 Lakhs+


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a spare change app work?


A spare change app helps you in investing your “chuttha paisa” or “chillar” on a regular basis. Your spare change from your daily transactions gets automatically rounded up to the nearest Rs.100 or Rs.500 (based on your preference) and gets invested. Sqrrl Away is like an emergency fund where you save up all your extra cash and earn regular returns on it. You can withdraw this money any time you like!

Where does the spare change get invested?


The spare change gets invested into liquid funds. The main reasons for investing in liquid funds are: high liquidity, instant redemption, low risk, and instant growth rate. You can invest as low as Re.1 in liquid funds which also makes it an attractive option for first-time investors.

What are liquid funds?


Liquid funds are mutual funds that invest their corpus in monetary instruments like fixed deposits, treasury bills, bill rediscounting, cash equivalent and different debt securities with maturity up to 90 days. These are the open-ended schemes that provide a short-term investment option and have the lowest interest risk associated with all classes of debt funds.

What are the best liquid funds for 2020?


Liquid funds are a great category for inventors looking to invest for a short term with low risks. Check the best liquid funds for 2020 here.