Achieving Financial Success: Unveiling the Power of Goal-Based Investing

BLOG | February 8, 2024


In the realm of financial planning, Goal-Based Investing emerges as a strategic approach that goes beyond mere wealth accumulation. At Sqrrl, we delve into the core principles that make this innovative investment strategy a key driver of success. Read on to discover five compelling reasons why Goal-Based Investing is your path to financial empowerment.

Save Less, Achieve More

By embarking on Goal-Based Investing, you are unlocking the potential to achieve more with less. Consider this: a seemingly daunting sum of 5 Crores for your retirement can be attained with a monthly savings commitment of just Rs. 14,306 for 30 years, assuming a 12% return. Witness the power of disciplined, goal-oriented investing as your wealth multiplies, reaching your financial aspirations from an initial outlay of just 51.5 Lacs.

Achieve Optimal Returns

Goal-Based Investing naturally steers you towards more aggressive asset classes for long-term goals and less volatile assets for shorter-term objectives. This alignment of time horizon with asset allocation ensures optimal returns based on the risk level suitable for each goal. It’s not just about individual risk profiles; it’s about optimizing the overall growth of your portfolio by matching risk to specific time horizons.

Tangible Outcomes

Incorporating the concept of “affect” from behavioral psychology, Goal-Based Investing makes your financial journey more motivating by attaching tangible outcomes to your savings. Knowing you have Rs. 2 Lacs saved up for your daughter’s education is more exhilarating than a generic savings figure. Specific, measurable, and realistic goals increase the likelihood of disciplined savings, propelling you toward achievement.

Guilt-Free Spending

Escape the guilt associated with spending in today’s inflationary era. Goal-Based Investing removes the discomfort from spending by instilling a subconscious awareness that you are saving adequately for long-term objectives. Enjoy guilt-free spending on your personal wants and needs, knowing you’re on track to meet your family’s future goals.

Debt Avoidance

Goal-Based Investing acts as a shield against the perpetual cycle of debt. By setting and saving for goals in advance, you can break free from the endless loop of desires followed by months of debt repayment. Accelerate homeownership, fund your child’s education, and retire as an independent senior citizen, free from the burden of financial worries.


While the merits of Goal-Based Investing are undeniable, success hinges on discipline and focus. Two-thirds of investors fall short of their goals without the guidance of a qualified Financial Planner. To ensure your Goal-Based Investment succeeds, stay resolute in your goals. Resist the temptation to liquidate funds for immediate desires, postpone non-essential expenses, and weather temporary financial challenges. By adhering to your goals, you pave the way to financial freedom. Start your Goal-Based Investing journey with Sqrrl and witness the transformative power of aligning your investments with your life goals.

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