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Canara Robeco Conservative Hybrid Fund Direct Monthly Dividend Payout Option



Conservative Hybrid Fund


14.469 -0.0034

as on (04 Jun, 2020)


4.39 %

Fund Type

Open Ended

Investment Plan

Dividend Payout

Expense Ratio

0.79 %


CRISIL Hybrid 85+15 - ConservativeTR INR

Asset Size

218.34 Cr.

(As of 30 Apr, 2019)


Moderately High


To generate income by investing in a wide range of Debt Securities and Money Market instruments of various maturities and small portion in equities and Equity Related Instruments. However, there can be no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized.

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Fund manager

Avnish Jain

(since 07 Oct, 2013)

Exit load

1 %

(If redeemed within 365 days)

Minimum sip

₹ 1000

minimum investment

₹ 5000

Top Holdings

This fund is been allocated in various sectors including some of the prominent ones that are widely accepted and are creating a value of trust.



7.42% MH SDL 2022

7.04 %

7.95% Govt Stock 2032

4.86 %

Capital First Limited

4.73 %

6.84% Govt Stock 2022

4.69 %

Sector Allocation

About the Scheme Type

Conservative Hybrid Fund

As the name suggests, Sectoral Funds invest in specific sectors of the economy. These funds are less diversified as they invest entirely in a particular sector; hence, their risk factor also depends on the respective sector’s performance, this carrying high risk. For example, a FMCG fund will only invest in FMCG companies while a tech fund will invest in only tech companies.The aim of these funds is to give investors a chance to benefit from the growth prospects of a particular fund.

Conservative Hybrid funds are less volatile than equity and other hybrid funds and helps in generating consistent income.


This fund is rated 3 stars by Morning Star Ratings.

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