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Why Lump Sum Investment?

Easy investing of a large sum without the fear of forgetting to make a payment.

Adopt a long term investing approach to maximise returns.

Ensures better growth when the market grows as compared to SIP.

All-Round Research & Analysis To Suggest You The Most Suitable Mutual Funds


Your choice of goal is what determines our selection process.


Personalised risk profiling helps us in choosing asset allocation and fund categories.


Employing scientific methods to suggest cherry picked schemes for your portfolio.



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What is a Lump Sum payment?


In simple words, a lump sum is a one time investment plan. When you pay the entire amount in one go instead of paying it in installments over a period of time, it is called a lump sum payment. It is one of the options of investing in mutual funds along with a systematic investment plan or SIP.

Where to invest Lump Sum amount?


When you think about where to invest your lump sum money you have options like equity funds, debt funds, liquid funds, gold funds and many other fund choices available. Investing lump sum for a longer term has multiple benefits. It is also advised to invest a lump sum especially when the market is rising. The power of compounding will give better results in this case.

Which is better Lump Sum or SIP?


Both lump sum and SIP have their own pros and cons. In case of lump sum, since you are investing the whole amount in one go, there is no need to be disciplined about making regular payments.

Lump sum is an ideal option for lazy investors. In addition to that, the power of compounding works brilliantly when you make a lump sum investment because the huge amount of money grows at a faster rate as compared to the small payments of an SIP scheme.

Can I invest Lump Sum in liquid funds?


Yes, you can invest your lump sum in liquid funds. Investing your lump sum in liquid funds is especially advisable when you are investing for a short term horizon of below 3 months since their maturity date is 91 days. It will be instantly redeemable and will fetch you much higher returns as compared to a savings bank account.