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PlayStation 5, Next iPhone or Dream House?

Be Ambitious. The list is endless…

Tailor-Made Plans

Offering customised plans where you decide your goal title, amount and period. some more text to fill this section up.

Track Daily Progress

Record your progress with our goal tracker and stay updated.

Why Setup Goals?

Take full charge of your goal amount and time with this smarter SIP.

Optimise returns by investing in funds with predictable performance records.

Avoid debt by planning for expenditures in advance.

All-Round Research & Analysis To Suggest You The Most Suitable Mutual Funds


Your choice of goal is what determines our selection process.


Personalised risk profiling helps us in choosing asset allocation and fund categories.


Employing scientific methods to suggest cherry picked schemes for your portfolio.



And Counting


5 Lakhs+


We talk in






Popular Goals

A sneak peak of goals set by users in general

Travel and Expriences
Future Wealth
Expensive Purchases
Health and Education
Some other Goal in Mind

Frequently asked questions

What is goal based investing?


Goal based investing is an investment technique where you pre-decide a particular amount of money you want to save and the time period within which you want to save it. You can save for your favourite car, a trip to Europe or even your dream houseIt through goal based investing. It is a great way to achieve all your big and small dreams with full planning by being in complete control.

Why goal based investing?


If you are wondering why goal based investing is a good option for then let us guide you. Two very important reasons why goal based investing is highly recommended are:

1. Full Control: You can call your goal anything you want! Once you select the title, you can select the specific amount that you want to save for. In addition to that, you pick the time period within which you want to invest and save.

2. Smart SIP: Goal based investing is like a smarter SIP. The funds picked in case of SIP show more volatility as compared to the suggested fund schemes for goals. Recommended funds for SIP can show more volatility because the long time span gives enough time to balance the gains and losses. However, for goal based investing the recommended funds show both growth and predictable performance records.

How does Goal based financial planning work?


Goal based financial planning is centred on a very customer centric approach. With Sqrrl you can pick your goal amount starting at Rs.30,000 and decide the minimum time span starting at 6 months. You steer the wheel while our algorithm takes care of allocating your money in the best schemes with complete portfolio optimization

Is the money in goal based investing completely locked-in or can be withdrawn?


Naturally, there is no mandatory lock-in period in case of goal based investing. However, you might have to bear the exit load of the schemes in which you have invested.