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L&T Overnight Fund Direct Plan Growth Option



Overnight Fund


1683.8888 +0.2336

(as on 10 Aug, 2022)


3.67 %

Fund Type

Open Ended

Investment Plan


Expense Ratio


Asset Size

2294.33 Cr.

(As of 31 Jul, 2022)




Investors understand that their principal will be at Low Risk.


The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate regular returns in line with the overnight rates.There is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be realized.

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Fund manager

Shriram Ramanathan

Exit load

N / A

Minimum sip


Minimum investment


Top Holdings

This fund is been allocated in various sectors including some of the prominent ones that are widely accepted and are creating a value of trust.



Tri Party Repo Dealing System (Treps)/Reverse Repo


91 Dtb 13072022


Sector Allocation

About the Scheme Type

Overnight Funds is the least risky of all the debt mutual fund categories as they invest in overnight securities with a one day maturity period. While these funds are a great option for zero risk taking investors, they should also remember that in the process, even the returns will get compensated – lower maturity means lower returns. Given that these funds mature the next business day, any change, either in the interest rate by the RBI or the credit rating of the bond issuer, does not impact the price of the funds. Apart from low risk, focused funds can also act as an emergency fund.


This fund is rated 0 stars by Morning Star Ratings.


Overview of L&T Investment Management Ltd

L&T Investment Management Ltd We, at L&T Mutual Fund, follow a disciplined approach to investment and risk management for delivering superior long-term risk-adjusted performance. L&T Mutual Fund has a robust monitoring and risk management process that ensures checks and balances at every stage. Here’s a step-by-step process of our investment philosophy.

  • Generation of ideas: L&T Mutual Fund’s analysts and fund managers are actively on the hunt for identifying new ideas. For equity investing, the search spectrum includes investment team meetings, meetings with a company's management, suppliers, industry experts, regulators, external research, competitors and reports. And in the case of fixed income funds, investment ideas are born out of team strategy meetings, in-depth interaction with issuers and market participants, macro analysis and internal and external research ideas.
  • Evaluation of companies: Filters such as liquidity, market capitalisation ownership and other parameters help identify opportunities, which are then thoroughly evaluated for profitability, business attractiveness, competitive positioning, balance sheet strength, management track record, corporate governance and valuations for equities. Thorough credit or issuer analysis and macro analysis underpins the evaluation framework for identifying issuers and instruments for fixed income portfolios.
  • Manufacturing or Monitoring of portfolios: Among all the ideas that are generated and evaluated, the fund manager picks those that have the most potential. Portfolios are monitored continuously to ensure that they are positioned to meet their investment objectives and are within the set risk framework. A fund manager may decide to exit a holding on achieving the price target or for other reasons such as weakened business prospects or credit, or if better investment opportunities wait in the wings.