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Best articles that actually help you manage and save your money better. Personal Finance tips, tricks & guides for a better money life.

Specific articles around how to manage your money better, how to make the best retirement plans, savings in 20s, saving money for your goals, investment tips & guides, etc.


5 Things You Need To Do In The New Financial Year 2019-20

We know most of you would still be recovering from the last moment madness of saving your taxes. And although you might have just...
women-empowerment, financial-literacy

Empowering Women On Women’s Days Is Clearly Not Working!

Just a week back we observed International Women’s Day and made the case for a balanced world. Organizations along with the entire male fraternity,...
Market Volatility is Good for Young Mutual Fund Investors

Why Market Volatility is Good for Young Mutual Fund Investors

Don’t you love to live life on your own terms? Maybe you are not someone who loves the mundane or follow a daily routine....
best elss funds to invest in 2019

Investment Tip – How To Know The Best ELSS Funds To Invest in 2019?

No sooner than the tax season approaches, you find financial planners and advisers alike, talking the importance of ELSS funds to help you save...
Real estate vs mutual funds, Investing in Real estate vs mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds vs real estate

Since both Real Estate and Mutual Funds belong to the growth asset category, it’s difficult to say that real estate is a riskier option...
income tax benefits on loans

How to claim income tax benefits on various types of loans in India?

Loans are necessary hazards! Whenever the question of claiming Income tax benefits on loans comes up, the only answer people normally think of is home...
conveyance allowance, how to calculate transport allowance

What is Conveyance / Transport Allowance & How to Get Exemptions for it?

Out of all the allowances given to the employees, Conveyance Allowance is, arguably, one that creates the most confusion. People are almost always puzzled...
form 16

What is Form 16? Complete Guide for Form 16 & Filing Income Tax Return.

Form 16 needs no introduction, as all the service class people are well acquainted with its necessity and benefits. However, people are usually confused...
market in jan month

Markets in January 2019 and Predictions for February

Monthly snapshot at a Glance   Value % 1-M change   Value % 1-M change Sensex 36,256.69 0.52 S&P BSE IPO 3,827.88 -11.90 Nifty 10830.95 -0.29 S&P BSE India 10 Yr Sovereign Bond 509.54 -0.56 P/E* 23.78 -- NSE India VIX# 17.12 7.02 P/B* 3.05 -- INR | USD Exchange rate 70.8698 2.06 Div yield 1.16 -- Gold...
best large cap mutual funds

Best Large cap mutual funds to invest in 2019

Large-cap Mutual funds are almost always a preferential investment option for investors, for the simple fact that they carry lesser volatility. But did you know...

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