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There’ll be finally something to cheer about for new loan borrowers!


 Cool Title, but what’s the news? The RBI, in its bi-monthly monetary policy review announced on 5 December, has directed banks to switch to external benchmarks to determine interest rates of new retail floating-rate loans. The change could be effective from April 1, 2019.  Okay, but what does it mean? The new regulation will force banks to adopt a uniform external benchmark, within a particular...

In a notable move for retirees, NPS withdrawal has been made 100% tax free


 Cool Title, but what’s the news? In a recent move by the centre, the government has made the National Pension Scheme (NPS) more tax friendly, by offering complete tax exemption to 60% of the entire money that an investor can withdraw on maturity.  Okay, but what does it mean? Before the new regulations, only 40% of the total corpus (down from the current 60) was tax-free. But now the entire 60%...

Buying your 2nd vehicle? The latest move by IRDAI might save you some money

IRDAI regulates CPA

🤔 Cool Title, but what’s the news? From the 1st of January, 2019, vehicle owners will not have to purchase separate compulsory personal accident (CPA) cover for each new vehicle they buy. The insurance regulator is all set to unbundle the CPA cover and allow issuing of a standalone CPA cover for the owners. 😕 Okay, but what does it mean? Today, anyone purchasing a vehicle has to mandatorily...

New RBI governor is in the house. It’s time to be excited?

Shaktikanta Das - New RBI Governor

🤔 Cool Title, but what’s the news? There cannot be any other news today. The country’s going through some major reshuffling with the appointment of new RBI governor – Mr. Shaktikanta Das, after Mr. Urijit Patel cut-short his tenure and resigned. 😕 Okay, but what does it mean? Given that the markets have not performed very well this year, in the light of various unforeseen events...

The only guide you’ll ever need for filing your income tax returns (ITR) online

income tax online

Income tax returns (ITR) filing is an intimidating task for just about everyone. Because you know that the slightest mistake at your end could land you in trouble with the Income Tax department – scary thing, right!! Along with that, there’s this ocean of data that needs to be filled in, coupled with cumbersome terminologies. Out of the two methods available to people today, for filing their ITR...

Markets in October and predictions for November

Markets in October

Source: BSE, NSE. As of October 31, 2018, *For Sensex, #India Volatility Index. @For 10 gms. ^Consumer Price Inflation for previous month. 1M change indicates percentage point change in inflation rate. S&P BSE IPO tracks the current primary market conditions in the Indian capital market and measures the growth in investor's wealth, within a period of two years, after listing of a company...

Re-branding of Mutual funds – The Name Changes. The Categorizations. And the Mergers.

Mutual Fund Name changes

This year saw the name and category changes for a lot of mutual fund schemes, as per a mandate released by SEBI, in October of 2017. The motive behind was that SEBI wanted to make the names of the funds easier to identify, as per users’ needs, and felt that the existing names given by AMCs (Asset Management Companies) were more like marketing hacks to attract customers. This resulted in not...

Want to claim tax deductions for buying medical insurance policy? Section 80D is what you need.

Section 80D

Medical insurance is not something optional today. And words, at lengths, have been spoken and written, about the need to get one. But still not a lot of inroads, in this regard, have been made till date. Even when everyone knows that they cannot pay for their medical expenses, the “if and when it will arise” is what stops them from getting one. People keep pushing this to the back of their...

The government gives you tax benefits for even your charities, under section 80G. But why? And how?

While India may have stepped down from the number one position of being home to the largest poor populace in the world (as of May 2018, Nigeria has taken the first spot), we still have a long way to go to completely eradicate poverty from our map. And even though it’s difficult to ensure when that’s gonna happen, efforts in the right direction will surely help to take things forward...

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